Digital Marketing Services Presentation


Digital Marketing Services Presentation

1. DIGITAL MARKETING How to Boost More Audience Through Digital Marketing & Advertising A Lead Generation Company

2. Google Adwords helps you make your business grow. We will create your ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business. When people search on Google using one of the keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in you. People can simply click your ad to avail vouchers, respond to your campaign, among others.  Thus, my team will be working closely to your team in order to test and experiment new strategies, site design and structure along with SEO perspective. A Lead Generation Company

3. How Can We Bring More Traffic To Your Website 1 Setting up your Google analytics and Google Adwords account 2 Create campaigns for Search & Display Network on Google 3 Thorough Keyword Research and Selection 4 Careful & Complete Negative Keyword Selection and Implementation 5 Appropriate Keyword Matching Options for superior ClickThroughRates (CTR) A Lead Generation Company

4. How Can We Bring More Traffic To Your Website 6 Draft Effective Ad Text Using Tested Best Practices 7 Landing Page Analysis and Optimization 8 Advanced Tracking using Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking 9 Choosing the Right CPC based on Competition and Advertiser Budget 10 Strategic Geographical Targeting and Ad Scheduling A Lead Generation Company

5. Facebook Advertising Is the social network, and it offers huge potential for business owners to broaden awareness for their businesses or brands and drive additional potential customers. This network is primarily intended for users to interact with their personal connections, such as friends and family, which makes it ideal for social business marketing. Different types of events has been successful with the use of Facebook. Again, just because Facebook may have worked on other organizations, keep in mind that your performance can depend on your specific audience. It can be tempting to just build a Facebook page for your business because everyone else is doing it. A Lead Generation Company

6. What Can Facebook Do For Your Business 1 Run offers, events, promotions on the page to engage and to attract more audience 2 Run a campaign to boost more likes on your page on a targeted audience 3 Prompt live check-ins to your page 4 Post blogs/notes for more audience engagement A Lead Generation Company

7. Here’s an example: Prompting live check-ins. Enables to provide an opportunity to build customer loyalty. Your customers can share your location every time they come and visit your store. A Lead Generation Company Live Check-ins

8. Here’s an example: Get more video views. More people will watch, like, comment or share your YouTube videos. This is a powerful tool to get more views and brand awareness. A Lead Generation Company Video Views

9. Here’s an example: Offer Claims to your valued customers. Rewarding them is a special way to keep your followers/customers happy. A Lead Generation Company Offer Claims

10. Here’s an example: Publish Notes/Blogs. This allows your audience to engage more. Publish a content/article where your customers can interact with your offer, product, or their experience. A Lead Generation Company Notes/Blogs

11. Here’s an example: Approximately 5-6million of users in the UAE are available to show your banner ads A Lead Generation Company Targeting: Location

12. Here’s an example: A total of 2.5-3 million are available for UAE in targeting Business & Industry. A Lead Generation Company Targeting: Interests

13. Here’s an example: We can extend your reach to the MENA region with 15-20 million users. A Lead Generation Company Targeting: MENA Region

14. YouTube Advertising A Lead Generation Company With more than two billion views a day and nearly double the audience of all three major broadcast networks combined, YouTube is a marketing force to be reckoned with. Also YouTube is the only video channel in the MENA region. And if that is not a compelling enough reason to use YouTube for your business, the network is owned by Google, which means that video content published on YouTube tends to rank high on Google searches. Since people are turning to search engines more and more for information, you want to ensure that your business is what pops up when they perform a search.

15. How Can We Utilize YouTube For Your Business 1 Develop a YouTube channel 2 Create videos to drive interest about your product/service 3 Brand awareness A Lead Generation Company

16.  You can target to show your video ads on YouTube based on 1 Topics 2 Interest 3 Keywords 4 Placements A Lead Generation Company How Can We Utilize YouTube For Your Business

17. Managing Targeting Groups A single targeting group can contain the following types of targets:  Demographics: Age and gender.  Topics: YouTube video or Google Display Network content targeted by category or sub-category.  Interests: Pick from available categories to reach people interested in these topics, even when they may be visiting pages about other topics. Learn more about interest-based audiences. A Lead Generation Company

18.  Affinity audiences: Raise brand awareness and drive consideration with your TrueView video ads by reaching people who already have a strong interest in your brand, product, or service.  In-market audiences: With TrueView campaigns, you can reach people who not only have a strong interest in your brand, product, or service, but are most likely to make a purchase or conversion. A Lead Generation Company Managing Targeting Groups

19.  Placements: Add unique websites or placements within those websites. For example, you can target an entire high traffic blog or the homepage of a popular news site. Placements include:  Channels (YouTube Partner Channels)  Videos (YouTube Videos)  Sites (Google Display Network – includes as a publisher site) Remarketing lists: Reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel. If you’ve linked your YouTube account to your AdWords account already, we’ll create custom ones for you automatically. Learn more about remarketing lists for YouTube. A Lead Generation Company Managing Targeting Groups

20. Keywords: The keywords that you add will target your ads to all the networks that you selected for your video campaigns. Keywords for the YouTube Search Network will serve ads based on YouTube viewers’ search queries. Keywords for YouTube Videos and the Google Display Network (GDN) will serve ads that are contextually related to YouTube channels and videos as well as websites on the GDN. A Lead Generation Company Managing Targeting Groups

21. Twitter is growing rapidly (with about 200 million users worldwide), but studies say less than half of their users actively tweet. As the newest major social media site on our list, Twitter’s user-base isn’t as established as LinkedIn’s (which has about 100 million active users) or Facebook’s (at 675 million active users) at this point. However, Twitter is still a very powerful tool for event marketers to generate awareness and WOM buzz. In particular, Twitter is a great place to:  Connect with business & industry and lifestyle influencers. These people were among the first to adopt the network and continue to be very active groups. Twitter Marketing

22. Promote new products launches. Users of Twitter are generally more tech-savvy and are more open to innovation than the average user on other social networks.  Show off deals and special offers. If you have a large audience, then Twitter is a great place to generate buzz and awareness and amplify the conversations about your products/business. Twitter Marketing

23. Create a Twitter account & Develop Twitter profile page 2 Develop brand #hashtag 3 Encourage live tweets How Can We Tap Into Twitter For Your Business

24. Instagram is a social media website and online marketing tool that should be part of your marketing toolkit. What makes this tool unique is that it centers on the use of photographs and photographs captions only. Your customers can instantly post pictures with captions directly from their mobile devices to share with followers. Here are the 4 ways how you can leverage Instagram for your business.  Invite users to Window Shop. We can provide window-shopping opportunities for your followers, giving them a taste of your products and services. Share relevant and useful information in the caption, like location details, sales, and anything else to intrigue your followers as we explain every product information carefully in case your followers want to purchase the products we feature in the photo.  Take Users Behind the Scenes. Followers also often find it intriguing to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your business’s products and services. Instagram Marketing

25.  Offer Followers Exclusive Benefits. Introduce them to a new product before it goes live for the public. Offering discounts or special offers to your virtual following will keep them feeling like an exclusive group, as encourage others to follow you.  Make Your Business More Personable. Take and post pictures of staff and employees at work or at any company event. This is a great tool to promote your business while being creative at the same time. Instagram Marketing

26. Create a Twitter account & Develop Twitter profile page 2 Develop brand #hashtag 3 Encourage live tweets 4 Photo Map How Can We Leverage Instagram

27.  How can I promote my business through LinkedIn Ad’s? LinkedIn uses the information provided by members to target their professional identity. LinkedIn Advertising

28.  Can I target a specific audience? There are a number of ways to target your ads in order to reach the most relevant audience. You can use any combination of these targeting options:  Location  Company  Company Name o Industry  Company Size  Job Title  Specific Job Title o Job Function  Seniority  Schools  Skills (Example: HTML or Project Management)  LinkedIn Groups  Gender  Age Targeting: Audience

29. Where will my Ad’s be shown? Ad Placements

30.  Lead Collection LinkedIn Ads offer a Lead Collection feature that lets you collect leads directly through their LinkedIn ad campaigns. With this feature enabled, members who click on your ad can easily request that you contact them. For each lead, you’ll see the member’s name, headline, a link to their LinkedIn profile, and an optional email address. You’ll be able to send a free follow-up message to them on LinkedIn Lead Collection

31. Display Ads

32. Contact Us Tel : + 9714 425 7310 | Mob:+97150 3047470 Dev International FZE. P O Box 334036, UAE A Lead Generation Company

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