About Us

Leads Dubai is a Lead Generation company.

We believe there are better ways to do marketing.

We are passionate about paid advertising which can help you bring quick results. See the list of our services The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly and we are learning everyday to help our clients in their marketing requirements. Do you want daily leads & enquiries from new customers who want to buy from you?


Online Marketing & Advertising Company.We simplify Lead Gen for you.

About Leads Dubai

Leads Dubai was established in Jan 2012 with the aim to help companies achieve ROI from their marketing activities. We specialise in Google Adwords Advertising services in Middle East. We also partner with top publishers in the region to offer email & sms marketing services. Leads Dubai is a part of Dev International FZE.

Why are we passionate about lead generation?

We believe in spending your marketing budget wisely so you can get better ROI. We like being competitive and help you achieve your goals. This way you can spend your hard earned money on your company expansion and welfare of employees. A Happy workforce benefits the company & society.

How we do Lead Generation

There is some science & some rocket to it. So its kind of rocket science. Check this link which explains how we do lead generation.

Our Approach to Marketing

Everyone has different marketing needs, budgets, goals & objectives. Due to which choosing the right & effective marketing channel becomes more important. We try to understand the nature of business requirement before suggesting the best marketing methods. Leads Dubai makes it easy for companies to get new business by advertising on the Internet. We are Certified Google Partners. We help you get customers who are looking to buy from you. These customers are searching for your product and service right at this moment.

"We simply help you reach your potential customers"


 We are team of digital marketing professionals who believe that learning never stops. We invest in learning new advertising techniques and helping our clients achieve great results. See some of our clients testimonials and case studies. Follow our LinkedIn profile.


  • We have the right data for email and sms marketing
  • We know local business in UAE & Middle East Markets
  • Certified Google Partners to help you reach new customers on Google Search.
  • We specialise with social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & more.
  • See what our customers have to say while working with us!
  • Working with over 50 satisfied clients & generated over 40,000 leads.
  • We work with you only if we believe that you will benefit.
  • We invest in learning & use latest & new marketing tools and trends to stay ahead.
  • 90% of your customers visit your site without converting. We bring them back.


More and more people are now doing online research and reviews before buying. Decision is made online. Shouldn't you be there? Below are some of the statistic and reports on usage of Internet in UAE.

  • UAE Internet Speed and Usage is the Fastest in GCC
  • 80% or more people in UAE spend 3 hours or more online.
  • More Facebook users in UAE than any other GCC country
  • More people use internet from mobile devices

 Leadsdubai doesn't have any affiliation or links with any other advertising company.

Leads Dubai is a lead generation company in UAE. "Do you want daily calls from new customers?" Call +97150 3047470 for free consultation and qualified leads. Contact us now.

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