Dubai Metro Advertising. Powerful Outdoor Advertising Method


Metro Advertising. Powerful Outdoor Advertising Method

Dubai Metro is the coolest and most reliable form of transportation in Dubai.  Great connectivity and faster reach has appealed to the masses. As per online resources, close to 400,000 people use Metro everyday. These includes both residents and tourist in Dubai. Both the Red & Green Lines offer greater connectivity.

With the captive audience, Dubai Metro advertising is one of the best ways to reach the mass audience while delivering your message. There are many indoor and outdoor advertising formats available.


Metro Pillars

Get multiple faces for your brand potrait. Buy Multiple metro pillars to have creative advertising done along side the busy roads.

Station Wraps

These are gigantic of 640 SQM Glass Panels outside the metro station outdoor glass panels. This option offers great brand and exposure.

TPS Spread outs

These are large formats roadside hoardings situated a prominent locations which can be noticed from afar.

Surface Branding

Vertically place your branding message along the metro lines which gives loud and clear advertising message
Bridge Banner & Unmatchable LED Metro Bridge
Metro Bridges Advertising. These are a great way  to target audience who are on the move. Thousands of impressions are consumed every hour. LED also provides dynamic advertising to people which is flexible and has higher reach.


Large Format Advertising  – 6 & 12 Sheets

  • Screen Walls
  • Feature Wall
  • Floor Graphics
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Escalators & Travelators
  • In Metro, Overhead Panels
  • Window Stickers
  • Glass Seat Divider

Metro Advertising is a great way to reach your audience. With both outdoor advertising and indoor advertising options available. There are different advertising methods for both in metro stations and inside metro. This ensures good coverage of your brand message. With multiple options, there are different rates for the advertising formats as above. Talk to us for your requirement today.

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