TOP SEO Tips & Tricks To Promote Your Website

seo tips and tricks

TOP SEO Tips & Tricks to promote your website

Search engines are the first point of discovery for a customer with a brand. It is more important than ever to be on first page of google to be even considered during the customers buying cycle. Here are few tips we feel organisations can do from their end to rank on the first page of google.

There are 2 elements of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation



  • Put keywords in the page title – main keyword should appear first. not more than 70 characters
  • Use Synonyms for your keywords and add more variations
  • Put keywords in the page URL
  • Put keywords in the Meta Data – 100 – 150 text, mention why people should visit the site
  • Put keywords in Your Header Text
  • Use keywords in the page content – use the keywords 4 – 6 times
  • Use Keywords in the alt text for images
  • Add google translate on your site for visitors to see content in their language like arabic
  • Build separate list of keyword for each country, specially the long tail keywords to target for as they are usually low competition.


  • Create remarkable content – so other people will link to ur site
  • Register your site in local directories like google places and bing business portal yellow pages
  • Get inbound links from targeted sites and locations
  • Ask for links from people you know – link for the right keyword  let them link to your site
  • Comment on other sites and write guest post with link backs to your site. ask others to write on your site.
  • Interview expert and write article about it and share it with them to post the interview on their site for link back
  • Dont do link buying, link farming, ezine post articles, 1 -1 links
  • Teach your website visitors something useful – something to download and link to. have a key message in so they link to you.


  • Better use globally recognized fonts like aria, times roman, verdana
  • Have flexible web design with spaces for text to expand.
  • Have proper colours – check out this link to colors and web design


  • Do google adwords advertising to reach customers actively looking for your products
  • Use twitter,get your tweets re twitted. add hashtag for your tweets, even if people dont follow you. your tweets gets noticed and more traffic
  • Use social media like facebook ads, linkedin twitter, google+ to get link backs and traffic
  • Know local internet marketing rules and laws
  • Understand the local purchasing mentality
  • Research local competition
  • Learn behavioral differences in each culture – like how people search on different devices

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