Protoclinic increase its leads & appointments ratio using Google Ads- Case study

Protoclinic increase its leads & appointments ratio using Google Ads

About protoclinic:

Proto Clinic offers the Hair Transplant treatments and the Aesthetic medical services in Dubai. Other services such as eyebrow transplant and other nonsurgical treatments as well. With the increased popularity of hair transplant, the clinic is growing due to the innovation and successful results.


Dr. Wissam Adada is the Hair Transplant Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine and General Medicine Medical Director of Proto Clinic. With the international experience in the dermatology, Dr. Wissam has gained a high reputation for his services.


Increase awareness & get more appointments for Hair Transplant & Aesthetics Medicine Treatmen through online marketing.

Marketing Channels:

Paid Advertising through:

  1. Google Search Ads
  2. Google Banner Display Ads
  3. Facebook Advertising
  4. Linkedin Advertising

Strategy & Approach:

  • Good use of landing pages and the shorter form fields were used in order to maximize the appointments.
  • We run Call Ads too as people now a days prefer to make calls directly..
  • We ensured to run Both Arabic language and English Language ad Campaigns.
  • Since most programs were in Arabic language – separate Arabic campaign and creative was done in GCC in order to attract the right audience.
  • Since using multiple marketing channels it was important to track conversions data with google analytics.
  • It was important to make sure that the ads were visible on the right platforms to book an appointment.

Key Tools Used:

  1. Google Search & Display Campaign Settings
  • Keyword Match Types & themes
  • Google Analytics Goals, Conversion Path,
  • Remarketing Features
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Tag Manager – Conversion tracking
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager Platform


  1. Campaign Duration was May 12, 2016 – 3.5+ million people saw Protoclinic Ads .
  2. 572 people clicked the call button on mobile to protoclinic ffice.
  3. Majority registrations came from UAE followed .
  4. The Arabic Campaign gave them maximum conversions.


Campaign Impressions – Views Ad Clicks Mobile Calls Fill Inquiry Form
Search 592,384 32,608 593 381
Display 3,346,249 14,367 7 22
Total 46,989 32,615 600 403
Article Name
Protoclinic got Leads Appointments with Google Ads [Case Study]
Protoclinic - A hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai, UAE increase leads appointments ratio using Google Adwords. Read their Case Study here.

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