Mobile App Downloads – Top 10 Tips


Mobile App Downloads – Top Tips

  1. Optimize your mobile website & get more users to download your app for premium features
  2. App Store Optimization – See our recent blog
  3. Do search engine optimization or SEO for mobile websites. Organic users are more loyal & lifetime users
  4. Influencer marketing – reach out to relevant industry experts & get them to promote your app on Instagram & Snapchat
  5. Study your data analytics, see your traffic sources – Identify your best features & advertise. Let data guide you.
  6. Focus on acquiring loyal users – Move away from volume based downloads to quality based downloads.
  7. Optimize ad spend in real time bidding value – Improve ROI. See our app download services
  8. Determine optimal category and rank – Test multiple category where you rank and test where u get more download
  9. Test multiple creatives – Test best performance times and days.
  10. Use punchy ad copy and ad text – Landing page, Seo moble title head
  11. Do Keyword research and include it for people to find your apps. Make your app description interesting.

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Mobile App Downloads - Top 11 tips to increase new app installs
Optimize your mobile website & get more users to download your app for premium features App Store Optimisation. See more Mobile app download tips

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