How Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students Registrations

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How Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students Registrations

About ih Dubai:

International House Dubai or ih Dubai is one of the few institutions that offer practical skills-based courses with international accreditation in the UAE.


ih Dubai has been using different sources of marketing before trying Google Adwords. They have multiple professional qualifications & language courses training. Some courses includes English Language Courses, Arabic Language Courses, HR courses in dubai, IELTS, CIPD, CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and more..

They wanted to increase the number of new students registrations we started Adwords Campaign back in May 2014 & have not looked back. PPC Campaign is now their 2nd best source of new students registration.


  • Increase conversions (new course registrations)
  • Promote & create awareness about their new courses.
  • Decrease the cost per leads
  • Generate new calls and walk-ins
  • Grow visibility by boosting website traffic


  • There is tough competition in the space of language & training institutes in Dubai.
  • The cost per lead is high and more registrations were needed for new courses at lower costs.
  • Wanted to get more transparency on which marketing channel is working better.

ih dubai Adwords Traffic & Student Registrations doubles after implementing Remarketing ads & new landing pages.

Strategy & Approach:

Leads Dubai used below strategy to help ih Dubai get more students registration 

  • Ih Dubai Brand is popular – created new brand keyword campaign to generate quality leads.
  • The USP of ih Dubai is that they have a wonderful design & creative team, which helped.
  • Marketing team of ih Dubai is very hands on and constant communication is the key.
  • Setup fresh new ground up campaign, which enabled us to have full control right from start.
  • Aligned the landing pages by adding contact form and themed as per the goals.
  • Introduced targeted themed-based keywords & ads & landing pages as per their courses.
  • Used multiple keyword match type and a ad copies to increase the relevancy.
  • Created new call, site links, location,extensions to boost CTR, Leads, more calls & walk-ins.
  • Introduced new call out extensions + separate mobile bids to increase calls.
  • Used Automated rules to bid higher / lower, & schedule based summer courses campaign.
  • Created remarketing campaign for display & RLSA Ads & used rule based targeting options.
  • Studied competitor behavior & modified bids to help preferred course ads in the top 3 positions.
  • Used ad scheduling & device targeting & constantly monitoring the SQR.
  • With fliexible bidding options – optimized for clicks which were most likely to give conversions.
  • All within the same budget we have almost double the registrations + traffic to the website

How Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students RegistrationsAbove pic shows Blue Line which is the total number of lead per month. Orange line shows the cost per lead. We started from May 2014 onwards. There has been steady increase in the new registration & decline in cost per lead.

Key Tools Used:

  • Google Search settings
  • Keyword Match Types & themes
  • Extension Settings
  • Remarketing Features
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Google Analytics



  • Over 100,000 times the ads were shown in top 3 positions in last 3 months in UAE
  • Over 200 new students leads (at effective cost per lead) generated in last 3 months.
  • Over 50 new calls generated via mobile + 25 users clicked location ads to visit ih dubai.
  • Website Traffic increased 25% from July 2014 to September 2014
  • PPC is now the 2nd best traffic after SEO contributing increased new registrations

So this was how Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students Registrations

Below is what Failan Saleem – Marketing director of ih dubai has to say:

“The objectives of the campaign was twofold, one of strategic nature to be able to leverage the best ROI for marketing spend, and tactically to improve overall lead generation and conversions. The results and reports that match have just been phenomenal. We are really happy with Leads Dubai!”


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How Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students Registrations
Article Name
How Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students Registrations
How Adwords Campaign & Remarketing helped in New Students Registrations. Results - Over 200 new students leads Generated. Contact +97150 3047470 for leads

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