Google Adwords: How Google decides which ads to show on top.

The ad auction

Google Adwords: How Google decides which ads to show on top.

Google Adwords: How Google decides which ads to show on top.


The concept

Every time an AdWords ad appears, it goes through what we call the ad auction, a process that decides which ads will appear and in which order. It’s not like an art auction where the highest bidder always wins; instead, AdWords does something a little more interesting:

1. The search

Jose searches for “pizza delivery,” stomach growling in the background.

2. Ads are whittled down

The AdWords system finds all ads whose keywords match that phrase “pizza delivery” closely enough.

3. Ads whittled even more

From that set of matching ads, the system ignores any that aren’t eligible, like ads that target a different country or are disapproved.

4. Ads are ordered

The remaining ads are shown, ordered on the page based on a combination of bid amount and quality (we call that formula Ad Rank).

5. Ads appear!

Jose sees relevant ads appear and orders the pizza of his dreams.

6. Repeat the process

Every time someone hankers for a pizza and does a search, the whole auction process starts again with potentially different results each time, depending on the competition at that moment.

Why it matters

The most important thing to remember is that the auction process uses both quality and bids to determine your ad’s position. So even if your competition bids higher than you, you can still win a higher position — at a lower price — with highly relevant keywords and ads.

Also remember that the auction process is repeated for every search on Google, each time with potentially different results depending on the competition at that moment and which ad you use. So don’t worry if your position on the page fluctuates — it’s normal for it to vary each time.

How you’ll see it

In step 4 shown above, ads are ordered on the page (that’s your ad position) using a formula called Ad Rank. The main components of Ad Rank are your bids and the quality of your ads, keywords, and website. If you want to try to boost your position, you’ll need to beat your competitors with quality, bid amounts, or a mixture of both.

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