5 Smart Facebook Marketing Ideas

facebook marketing ideas

5 Smart Facebook Marketing Ideas

Did you know 65% of Facebook users log on daily. As marketers, we need to know how critical it is to have a Facebook presence. However, it is becoming increasing challenging to stand out, as the competition amongst businesses is very high. With almost 1 billion daily active Facebook users, it’s tricky, but it’s not impossible! Check out the facebook marketing ideas.

Here are 5 smart Facebook marketing ideas that can help you stand out –

  1. Run a Simple Contest to Increase Engagement

Facebook contests are not new. You’ve likely been exposed to many, but have you actually tried running one yourself? Running a contest with a tempting incentive is one of the best ways to increase ad engagement on Facebook. Running a contest doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Simply asking people to submit photos with your product in them, and  choose a winner at random!


facebook marketing ideas


  1. Create Short And Interesting Video Posts

Have you tried marketing your company with videos, but people just don’t seem to be interested? This is likely due to one of two reasons:

  • Your videos are too long
  • Or, they’re just not engaging enough

Facebook users are looking to be entertained. They are spending their time on a “social” platform that can be very distracting, so you need to divert their attention quickly. Companies like Tasty have it figured out – keep it short and sweet. (See Example)


  1. Post Some Cute Images

This tip might sound funny. But it works!  Because who doesn’t love pets and babies? When you’re doing Facebook marketing, it’s a good idea not to take yourself too seriously. Insert some playfulness into your posts. If they are not related to your brand, make them by giving hilarious, brand-related captions.


facebook marketing ideas


  1. Make Your Brand Relatable

You need to show the people behind the brand to connect with your audience. The original intent of Facebook was to interact with friends, not advertise your business, but it’s easy for marketers to forget this. Pushing solely product-related messages is only going to take you so far.


facebook marketing ideas


  1. Use Emojis in Your Facebook Marketing

Ads with emojis get far higher click-through-rates than ads without. 92% of online users use emojis, and frequent users feel emojis express their feelings more accurately than words. Moral of the story, use emojis in your Facebook marketing posts to add personality and emotion to your text.

facebook emojies


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5 Smart Facebook Marketing Ideas - Check out the last Idea.
Did you know 65% of Facebook users log on daily. But it is challenging to stand out. Check 5 smart Facebook marketing ideas that can help you stand out 🙂

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