Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising

Every body is looking to sell their products and services. And you know what? there is always a buyer. The Magical thing is, how do we find these buyers. The search for a seller and buyer is intertwined. This is what keeps the economy going.

At Leads Dubai, some of our clients ask for:

  • Email database which contains a specific Professionals like IT Managers, HR, Business Owners, Marketing Professionals..
  • Email database which contains a specific Industries like IT, Healthcare, FMCG industries
  • Email database which contains Demographies like nationality, age, gender, locations..

The list goes on..  See our last post about email database in dubai

You see email marketing still works. It is cost effective and quick to reach. But what do you do when everyone is doing the same thing? The same email database as above has been bombarded with 100’s of promotional emails everyday? Your thinking right, the attention rate goes down and this is where it gets ineffective.

Lets do some email maths here.

Suppose you send 10,000 email on a very high end, double optin, with permission data who are ready to receive email from you. We have noticed the email open rates as below:

Emails Sent: 10,000 emails

Emails Opened: 10% ( 1000 emails were opened)

Click Through Rate: 10% ( Out of 1000 opens, 100 clicked the links inside email to visit website)

Traffic to website: 100 – ( or email reply backs, or calls etc. depending on what action you want from the emails). This means after sending 10,000 emails, 100 users came to your website. Which is .01% action rate.

Hold on, those 100 prospects who came to your website are still higher up the funnel and not ready to buy yet. As per normal industry standards, 2 – 5% users convert. Means you could get a 2 – 5 sale / leads depending on what you want.

Now the cost per lead /  sale depends on how much your paying for sending 10,000 targeted emails. (Contact us so we can tell you the rates) The above numbers are calculated based on our assumptions – % may vary depending on nature of business and databases.

If above calculations is good number for you. Go for it!  But for many it isn’t good results. So what do you do, reset your expectations or try something new.?

At Leads Dubai, we have a better way to do Marketing.

Enter LinkedIn Advertising

Linkedin is the professional Network most of your audience are already using. It is the 2nd best popular social network after Facebook. In UAE there are over 2.3 million users active on linkedin.

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising which is better?

First, some quick facts about LinkedIn advertising:

You can show display square 50×50 ads + sponsored ads in linkedIn news feeds.

You can target and show these ads to linkedIn users based on Country – Company Name – Industry Type & Industry employee size – Job Title & Seniority & Job Function Types.

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising

Example, We now know that there are more than 800,000 linkedin users who are CEO, MD, Senior Management from the below  image.

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising


Your ads show to these targeting professionals every time they are using LinkedIn.

And you either pay per click average cost is $3 or you pay per 1000 impressions which costs around $5 and more. When LinkedIn users click your image ads, they are engaged and interested. Cost wise too it will not burn a hole in your pocket and you can get same or sometimes better results than email marketing.


Compared to email marketing, considering time is not a factor, 100 linkedIn professionals clicks will cost you only $300 – $500. Its a much better option than email marketing.

Give it a try. Its easy to setup linkedIn Advertising. Or Leads Dubai is well equipped to help you target the right audience and advertise on LinkedIn.

Leads Dubai is a Lead Generation Company. We are Certified Google Partners who can help you achieve marketing goals.

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising
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Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Advertising
At Leads Dubai we get a lot of enquiries for bulk Email Marketing Services. Most of these requests are for specific types of databases. In this post we are comparing email and linkedin advertising and which one performs better.

Mukesh Pandey is a Digital Marketing Strategist. He is Google Adwords Certified and strongly believes that Internet will enable us to speed up innovation and make life easier for everyone. He also founded Leads Dubai which is a Lead Generation Company in Dubai. Know more about Mukesh on Google+

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