Email Marketing Strategy. 4 Tips to do it the right way

email marketing strategy

Email is Free. It is the best way to reach your people. Same applies to your competitors and every one else who is trying to get the attention of the recipient. Guess what your customers probably getting tons of mails everyday. Their attention span is limited. Many companies, just do email marketing companies just do 1 emails in silos. Which means, all they do is 1 shot and thats it. There are more than 90% of un opened emails and the email marketing campaign fails.


There is a saying, “A tree fell in the forest. No one heard”


How do you stand out and make your voice heard. This post is about helping you reach your users at the right time for maximum engagement. Follow the below tips which may help you reach the right people for maximum impact.

Email marketing Database

Make sure it is your optin database to whom you send emails. Add unsubscribe link in order to exclude the ones not interested. If it is unknown email database, you sending emails. Make sure they are not having any spam or bot filters which will increase the bounce emails and block your IP. Fortunately we have email marketing software which solves this problem.

Email Marketing Subject line

Try to split your emails in 2 groups with different subject lines and see which one gets more opens and click through. Testing emotional subject lines can really help open rates. Try to use this tool which can help you generate good email subject lines 

Email Automation

Let automation work for you. For Example – When you send emails, % of people will open your emails and from them % of people will click through to visit your website. You can have a strategy by which all the email openers can get another email after few days to reengage. The non openers get another type of email with different subject line. Users who clicked the link in the email to visit your website. Retarget them to a closed funnel direct offer to re engage. We use a good Lead Generation CRM tool and automation which helps us reach our leads, even months later. The key is to make your email specific to the user by knowing what they want.

Measuring Email Campaigns

How do you know the campaign was successful? Tag all the visits from the email to your website with a UTM tracking. This way You can identify all the website traffic which was generated from the email. Else it will show up in google analytics direct traffic. It is important you create goals and measure the user behavior once they visit the site from which device, how many pages, goals completed if any etc.

We do email marketing campaigns and can recommend some proven methods which work. We have the data which can be reached and it can perform well if the above steps can be done well.

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Email Marketing Strategy. 4 Tips to do it the right way. (Check the last tip)
How do you stand out and make your voice heard in email marketing campaign? Follow the tips which may help you reach the right people for maximum impact.

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