Mobile App Development & Marketing Plans

The Top 5 Fatal Mobile App Marketing Mistakes.

1.Relying on Traditional marketing methods like 

Emails, Banners, SEO, TV, Radio, Prints – There is a disconnect between these mediums

Advertise where users are most likely to download your apps

  • Mobile advertising.

  • Multiple Mobile App Networks

  • Mobile in app banners,

  • mobile website banners,

  • real time mobile ads bidding,

  • incentive based download programs


2. Advertising to very few traffic sources.

Working with few traffic sources can effect app downloads. Its important to have multiple sources of traffic to increase app downloads. Have a healthy mix of traffic like above


3. Not optimizing app marketing real time.

Set up campaigns to optimize traffic from multiple sourcing and measure it daily


4. Ignoring post app download activities

Many people who download your apps may never even use it. How to you measure App ROI on downloads. What is the value of the download if user doesn’t engage with your app? Define post download events and key metrics for user to complete.


5. Relying on traditional agencies

Many may not have expertise. or rely on 1-2 ad networks. May be more expensive. Better to look for some one who specialise in this and focus on optimization. Sourced from App Marketing Blog at Fiksu

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