Google Shopping Ads Campaign in UAE

Google Shopping Ads Campaign

About Shopping campaigns and Shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads which are also known as Product Listing Ads ( PLA ) is now available in UAE. If  you are an ecommerce shop and you have products to sell, you can use Shopping campaigns.  This can help increase sales with people clicking your product ads right from the Google Search Page.

With Google Shopping Campaigns, you need to first submit your product data with Google Merchant Center before we create Adwords campaign. The content from your product data feed is used to create Shopping Ads.  The user sees a photo of your product,  title, price, store name, & more. Its better than text ads & users can see the actual product image before clicking through to visit your website and buy.

Turn online browsing into online buying.

With Google Shopping Ads you can expect;

  1. More qualified traffic
  2. Better qualified leads
  3. Image & Text Ads appearance same time
  4. Show Product image & Price in Search Ads
  5. Powerful reporting and competitive data

How Shopping campaigns and Shopping ads work

While Google is testing new countries to launch Shopping Campaign. UAE is the new addition. It requires more than 3 days for approval from the product data feeds and then linking between Google Merchant Center & Google Adwords interface. We ensure that your product feed is added as per the product guidelines as the policies can be stringent and addition of the feed can be time consuming. Luckily we follow API method and with data sheets.

There are two types of Shopping ads:

  • Product Shopping ads. These are created based on the product data that you submit in Merchant Center.
  • Showcase Shopping ads. The product ads will be shown by grouping related products together. Its good for comparison

Leads Dubai is a Certified Google Adwords Partner in UAE. We have helped SME companies over the last 5 years get more ROI from their Search Advertising Campaigns. Talk to us to start your Own Google Shopping Ads.

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Google Shopping Ads Campaign in UAE
Turn online browsing into online buying.. Google Shopping Ads Campaign in UAE is now open to all< Get opportunity to show product ads in search. Talk to us