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2017 has been a remarkable year and it has been most eventful for the marketing world, especially regarding AdWords. We discuss top adwords changes. There were numerous alterations, from new features to platform re-design and lots of strategic adjustments.

Here are some of top adwords changes in 2017:

  • The new experience with AdWords:

The top change in AdWords is the platform itself. The updated user interface of AdWords boasts of a slew of fresh features such as potent data visualizations, enormously enhanced workflow and options for extra demographic targeting. While most advertisers have access to the new AdWords platform, if you are not up to it, you can still cling to the old version.

  • More value for PPC

At different points every year, value of PPC’s ads is questioned. Some feel that if they rank high organically on SERP, there is no need to waste money on PPC since people can find them already. But this is not true: over the last 2 years, value of #1 ranking has declined by an amazing 37%. Thus AdWords ads have become more crucial for online advertising of businesses.

  • More changes to ad spend

From October 4, 2017, marketing campaigns will be able to spend till twice the average daily budget for helping to reach advertising goals. Google significantly changed the way budget is allocated through the course of a given month, capping it at 20%.

  • Running ad variations

Split testing is a major headache for all AdWords users and is particularly taxing for owners of small business. They have no time to redesign ad copy. So Google introduced interface of Ad Variations as part of the fresh AdWords experience. This new feature permits you to find and replace keywords, update complete portions of your ad and change your headlines.

  • Exact match keywords

They have been the conversion driving force behind several AdWords account. They provided a big level of control which helped make easy tailoring ads and copying of landing page.

But in Q1, Google changed the way it defines exact match keywords, choosing to widen their scope. AdWords now ignores, removes or adds function words to match your keywords to target exact match keywords. By this, over 18% of active exact match keywords became superfluous.

  • Hot deals and Promotion Extensions

Ad extensions and hot deals are both loved by SEMs. Both have been blended together by Google. In October, Google ultimately launched Promotion Extensions to all AdWords accounts.

These are some hot changes made by Google to AdWords in 2017. Check our our Google Adwords Blogs where we talk about other hot ppc topics

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Top Changes in Google Adwords in 2017 | Google Adwords 2017
There were numerous alterations, from new features to platform re-design and lots of strategic adjustments. Here are samples of top changes in AdWords in 2017:

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