Top 9 Google’s SEO Ranking Signals – New Tips to improve your site

Top 9 Google's SEO Ranking Signals

Top 9 Google’s SEO Ranking Signals – New Tips to improve your site

There are over 200 points on which google ranks a website. With the constant updates in the algorithm, it is hard to keep track. But there are few fundamentals and basic ranking factors which is still relevant. This article discusses the important google seo ranking signals to improve your website.

When it comes to SEO, there are 3 important things to do:

  1. Off page SEO
  2. On page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

Now lets get into the Top 9 Google’s SEO Ranking Signals

Off-page SEO


1. Number of backlinks to your website (18%)

How many websites are linking to your website. What is the authority of that website? So its the quantity and quality of the websites which link to you. Both are important.  In simple words, more back links to your website, higher are your website chances to rank above.

2. Backlink authority (14%)

Its not how many sites linking to you. Its also about who is linking to you. As mentioned above, the authority, meaning good websites like .edu .org and many other respected websites are good authority. Till date, a google authority website if it links to your website. it is one of the strongest ranking factor for google. Bad quality sites linking to your website will harm your seo. So its important to check your backlinks in google search console and disavow them. Pro Tip: check who is ranking for the keywords you want, and follow their website and check what they have on their site.

3. Link anchor text (9%)

When any website linking to you it is important that those websites are in some manner similar to your website. The text on the back linking website, make sure its the keyword for which you want to rank for. The text linking to your website is also called the anchor text. This also increases relevancy.

Top 9 Google's SEO Ranking Signals

On-page SEO

4. Content relevance (19%)

Your website content which is keyword reach and has synonyms like, dental clinics in dubai, dentists in dubai. If used well with different contex on the website with proper H1 & H2. Unique original content or your opinion about a topic will give weight to your website rankings. Check out Backlinko’s Keywords blog

5. Content length (3%)

As per SEO yoast best practices we follow the rule of minimum 400 – 500 words for any blog article. There is no rule on how long or short a content should be. As long as it serves the purpose to the reader. It is right. To crosscheck, you can go through the top ranking blogs for a particular keyword and identify general length of content.

6. Click-through rate (11%)

How many times your website appears in the search results? How many times it gets clicked. That is the CTR – click through rate. The highter the CTR, the more you will remain and dominate your position. Google has an expected CTR for every position. If lesser people are clicking your links, its time to relook at your page title and meta description to increase clicks. You can check this within your google analytics search query data reports. If you dont see this data, then check if web console and analytics are linked together.

7. Social signals (7%)

Its the age of social media. If your social media profiles like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+ are well organised and you post regular content there. You have increased chances of social ranking benefits in SEO. Specially having Google+ Page is super important for a local business.

Technical SEO factors

8. Mobile friendly website (12%)

More than 50% searches are now happening from mobil device. Google now uses “mobile-first indexing of the Web“, meaning that they are beginning to index the mobile version of websites, when available, as opposed to the desktop version. This means google will determine how a site should rank based on how it appears on mobile. Having a mobile friendly website has become all the more important.

9. Page speed (7%)

Google uses page speed in its ranking algorithm. A slow loading website will have negative effect on SEO rankings. Besides it is bad user experience too. With slower websites, the site will have high bounce rates too which beats the purpose of generating paid traffic. We see page speed as even more important factor. Thank fully there is google page speed insights you can check. The main reason for slow pages is because of uncompressed content like scripts, images, or CSS files.

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Top 9 Google's SEO Ranking Signals - Easy to do Tips to improve your site
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