Top 5 ways how Dubai Advertisers waste money on Google Adwords


Dubai is a place built on small to medium size businesses. Over the past years Leads Dubai has come across some small businesses with dreams and vision to make their venture successful. We noticed that in hurry of growing faster, proper in depth research and planning is overlooked. This is one of the reasons they end up taking wrong decisions.

One example is doing multiple things on their own even if they have little experience in that field. This post talks about one such important advertising channel for SME which is Google Adwords Advertising Ads on Search to get new business leads.

Top 5 ways how Dubai Advertisers waste money on Google Adwords

Google Adwords is like a casino, if you dont know the rules, you will lose. —> Its a Money Burner.

Through this post, we want to highlight & educate the top 5 ways how Dubai advertisers can stop wasting money on Google Adwords & use it to their advantage & increase profits.


Top 5 ways how Dubai Advertisers waste money on Google Adwords


1. Admit your doing it wrong

Its ok to be overwhelmed by so many settings in the adwords platform. This year alone, adwords released more than 100 new features of which i am aware of 50. Seek help early on, if your adwords campaign isnt getting you good results. As your probably bleeding money everyday. We have come across many SME who have little experience to run their adwords campaign. Few succeed due to the complex nature of this platform. Sometimes i feel, its purposefully complex, settings are defaulted in favor of google to extract more money from in experienced advertisers. This turns off newbies who dont hav the time and patiences to learn it through & this reason alone keeps us in business 🙂


2. Keyword Selection & Negative Match Types

As a rule of thumb, never – ever have only 1 keyword as your keyword to show ads. Always use 2 – 3 keywords to target your ads.

For example if you have a law firm in dubai & you show ads on keyword like lawyer. It is a recipe for disaster. Google will match your keywords & show your ads when a user types keywords like  –

  • lawyer jobs
  • lawyer vacancies
  • study business law
  • the irrelevant list goes on my friend..


So how do you safeguard your cost and make sure google is showing your ads on the right keywords? Simple add negative – to the above unwanted keywords as -jobs ,  – vacancies, – study. etc. Think of all the keywords which you dont want to show your ads for. We have seen that more than half of advertisers do not use negative keywords & continue to use single keywords to show ads and loose money as you read this.

Often see your search query report to see which keywords, google is actually showing your ads. So you can add more negatives and add good keywords back in campaign. (The keywords google shows your ads are different than you selected!)

Remember, by selecting a keyword to a broad match type, you are opening the door for Google to show your ad anytime a query is related to or contains a part of your keyword. Watch this 4 minutes video which talks about how to carefully select your keywords

3. Bidding Strategies

Google Keyword Planner Tool  gives us the average bidding rate when your doing the keyword research. With this you can estimate your average cost per click, so you dont overbid. Sometimes overbidding helps to rank on the top ad position but if your keyword quality, ad copy, campaign structure & landing page experience is not aligned – then your showing on the top – right! but your loosing more money too as these clicks or the best ad position wont convert. Result? – your loosing money faster. Google released over 10 new bidding features in last 1 year.

Imagine if your paying AED 10 per click and as days go by,  you got 200 clicks on the top position. You will notice that all you got was 200 traffic on the website. at the cost of AED 2000 spent on wrong clicks. You paid higher already. The worst part? you dont even know it and continue to do so. There are some great resources from google help center which can help you do effective bidding, but if you ask me, improve your quality score. It has helped our clients pay lesser & get more bang for their bucks. See our Client testimonial link to learn more

4. Poor Targeting & Settings

One should make sure to check if the settings are properly defined. Few notes;

Location settings – advance settings. to show your ads where users are. Some of these settings are hidden and more than 50% of SME campaigns we have noticed are wasting their hard earned Dirhams. This alone is a money guzzler which shows your ads out of your desired location and the clicks they just add up like the years gone by.

With the launch of Enhance campaign more than a year ago, location, ad scheduling ( show ads at what times of the day ), devices ( mobile or desktops) – sitelink extensions like call extension, site link extensions + mobile optimized ads, and more.

We have seen that many do not have Google Analytics account set up and connected to adwords. This gives you half the click picture only. At leads Dubai believe in data driven decision & the above is necessary in order to optimize the campaigns

Competition – Did you know you can check which competitor is bidding on the same keywords you are? Google Auction Insights tells you that. + You can also know their most profitable keywords and ad copies & what is working.

Google Reporting – Make good use of the reporting tools which helps you understand whats working and whats not.


5. Landing Pages.

Ok, assuming you have done all of the above, what next? Its the landing page that should be the next focus. A Landing page is a page where your traffic comes. Never have Home page as your landing page as it has too many links and details. It is important to structure your account and bring traffic to the right landing page. Leads Dubai presented at DM3 institute earlier this year on how best to optimize your landing page experience. You can view the Landing page slides here



 Bonus Google Adwords Tips:

These are some useful videos which can help you understand the basics further for a DIY gig. If still not able to get it – we give you a first hour free consultation and training on how to optimize your campaigns. Leads Dubai Mission is to help you optimize your marketing activities.


So here is the question;

Either you want to spend your time managing your own adwords account and bringing it up by trial and error ( error means losing money & time)


You want to have your account reviewed by a professional company to optimize and you save back on time. Which is more important?


Oh & by the time you finish reading this post, Dubai Advertisers already lost at least AED 100,000 of wrong clicks. We hope your not amongst them. Reach us on +97150 3047470 so we can do a free Adwords Audit & help you get more ROI. You may also contact us by filling up the form.

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Top 5 ways how Dubai Advertisers waste money on Google Adwords
Imagine paying AED 10 per click & you got 200 clicks. So 200 traffic on the website for AED 2000 spent on wrong clicks. --> Results? <-- Call +97150 3047470

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