SEO Company in Dubai. Some new SEO Optimization tips 2017

SEO Company in Dubai. Some new SEO Optimization tips 2016

Below are some of the key findings include:

  • Page Authority correlates higher than any other metric we measured.
  • Social signals, especially Google +1s and Facebook shares are highly correlated.
  • Despite Penguin, anchor text correlations remain as strong as ever.
  • New correlations were measured for and structured data usage.
  • More data was collected on external links, keywords, and exact match domains.
SEO Company in Dubai. Some new SEO Optimization tips 2013
As per Moz
  • Links are still believed to be the most important part of the algorithm (approximately 40%).
  • Keyword usage on the page is still fundamental, and other than links is thought to be the most important type of factor.
  • SEOs do not think social factors are important in the 2013 algorithm (only 7%), in contrast to the high correlations.
Looking into the future, SEOs see a shift away from traditional ranking factors (anchor text, exact match domains, etc.) to deeper analysis of a site’s perceived value to users, authorship, structured data, and social signals:

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