Proto Clinic Achieved Increased Traffic, Leads, And Ranking!

Proto Clinic Achieved Increased Traffic, Leads, And Ranking with Leads Dubai!

In the fourth month of the SEO strategy, we have been able to deliver positive results for Proto Clinic. We established a complete SEO plan, targeted 20 keywords and started implementing the strategy on 1st March 2017.

About Proto Clinic

Proto Clinic offers the Hair Transplant treatments and the Aesthetic medical services in Dubai. Other services such as eyebrow transplant and other nonsurgical treatments as well. With the increased popularity of hair transplant, the clinic is growing due to the innovation and successful results.

BackgroundDr. Wissam Adada

Dr. Wissam Adada is the Hair Transplant Surgeon, Aesthetic Medicine and General Medicine Medical Director of Proto Clinic. With the international experience in the dermatology, Dr. Wissam has gained a high reputation for his services.

Dr. Wissam Adada has gained training from various renowned doctors all over the world. The qualification along with the experience in hair transplant, general medicine, and aesthetic medicine makes him an expert. He has been able to successfully help many patients with hair transplants, scar revision, sideburns, goatee, and other surgical and non-surgical treatments as well.

SEO Goals

For the official website of Proto Clinic, we analyzed the market trends and combined it with the requirements of the client. With this approach, we derived following SEO goals to achieve

  1. Improving the organic traffic

Our first and the foremost job was to ensure that the site gets more organic traffic. The goal was to take effective steps to optimization and content management, so that, more people click on the site links.

  1. Bringing organic leads

We focused our planning towards leveraging the experience and the success rate of the Dr. Wissam Adada. With this approach combined with our SEO techniques, we set a complete path to bring more leads to the client’s website.

  1. Getting better rankings

We know that in order to fulfill the requirement of traffic improvement, the rankings had to get better. Hence, we included the rankings in the plan as well. The analysis of the keyword trends and creating content to target those keywords effectively was the sub-categories of this goal. Also, we included the competitor analysis to see what the competitors are doing.Along with that, we decided to run a complete test of the website in order to ensure the Google compliance. Sending the right signals to search engines was the plan to get better rankings.

  1. Complete Website Optimization

The optimization of each and every page was necessary. From the quality of the content to the Meta tags, we decided to cover it all. The sitemap and the navigation facility were also in our mind. We wanted to ensure that the website achieves the finest level of quality to get reward points from search engines.

  1. Enhancing the desktop and mobile speed

We knew that both the search engines and visitors give immense importance to the speed of the website. Google includes the loading speed of a page as one of the prime ranking factors. On the other hand, searchers don’t want to wait for more than 3 to 5 seconds for loading. Hence, we took the speed of the site into account as well. Our team decided to get a better score on both desktop and mobile speed of the website.

SEO Challenges

There were multiple critical challenges in front of us during the implementation of the plan. We had to fight following challenges in order to achieve the desired goals:

  1. Health – Being Sensitive and competitive

The health sector is highly sensitive and competitive at the same time. So, it was essential to ensure that we carefully implement our steps and also make sure that we get the competitive edge with our efforts. This contradiction increased the difficulties and required an innovative approach towards the job.

  1. Health is sensitive to promote in UAE

UAE is not an easy market to target when it comes to promoting health. Our job was to keep the sentiments of people in mind and inform them about the facilities in an appealing manner.

  1. Wrong keyword approach

Almost all keywords were not even in 100, which increased our difficulty in delivering quick results. However, we re-established the keyword plan for the site to tackle this problem effectively.

  1. No leads from organic traffic

The biggest challenge was to generate leads from the scratch. The site had no leads, so we had to work much harder to deliver more opportunities for the online presence of the clinic.

Strategy & Approach – 

Keeping in mind the goals to be achieved and challenges posed, Leads Dubai strategically followed the following five-point approach.  

  1. Thorough Keyword Research

The keyword research was the first part of strategy implementation. Our experts wanted to know what terms are allowing people to reach the relevant services. Also, the kinds of questions people ask related to the hair transplant and other treatments. With this approach, we were able to create a list of most popular and effective keywords for the website.

  1. Incorporation of the keywords in site’s content

To improve the reach of the website, we incorporated the keywords effectively in the site’s content. The better keyword positioning and the density were kept in mind during the implementation.

  1. Link building

To improve the authority of the website, we focused on link building. We knew that better quality content can get more links, which ultimately will lead us to more traffic and leads.

  1. On-page optimization

We dedicated our team to remove all the SEO errors from the website. The complete on-page optimization was taken into account, so that, the site can achieve the deserving place in the search results.

  1. Speed recommendations

We offered our recommendations to improve the speed score of the website. The idea was to achieve mobile and desktop friendly website.

Key tools used

We used following advanced tools for effective results:

  • Keyword Planner
  • ahref,
  • Moz tools,
  • Alexa

and others!

Achieved results –

Below Top 5 Keywords now ranking in Google First Page.

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beard hair transplant in dubai

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Mukesh Pandey is a Digital Marketing Strategist. He is Google Adwords Certified and strongly believes that Internet will enable us to speed up innovation and make life easier for everyone. He also founded Leads Dubai which is a Lead Generation Company in Dubai.

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