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The focus of marketers in the last several years has been on PPC audiences. This is justified by many reasons. Earlier, there was keywords and paid social: both of which did not cross paths. Nowadays there is RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), in-market audiences in search, re-marketing and many other ways of combining the goal of targeting paid social and keyword search.

Social PPC is here to stay and the focal point is audience targeting. You can use keywords for targeting social ads.However keyword targeting is not enough for social PPC success. Audiences have to be layered into the mix.

Another trending feature is Remarketing. RLSA is a match made in heaven for combining audience targeting and search intent.

The importance of audiences goes back to the 4 P’s of marketing: promotion, price, place and people. Initially, people were least important. Do we need to care who the customer is as long as she clicks and converts?

The fact is that you do need to care. There has been an evolution of search over the years; it is much more expensive and competitive. Search needed to evolve in order for advertisers to maintain profit. This is where audiences emerge.

Here are top 5 articles about PPC audiences:

  • In-Market Audiences For Google Search Campaignsby Dan Roberts

This is an excellent report on AdWords in-market audiences, launched recently. . As per this post, details are provided on the mode to use in-market segments in search. It points out how power is shifted from advertisers towards Google.

  • No, Paid Search Audiences Won’t Replace Keywordsby Kirk Williams

A thoughtful article on why it is still crucial to use keyword search in spite of several options of audience targeting.

This is a detailed article on launching of social targeting (paid) with links to other detailed articles on audiences of search. Author stresses on the importance of customer match.

  • Podcast: Michelle Morgan, Negative Audiences and Audience Shaping,” an interview of Michelle by JD Prater

This is not an article but a cool podcast. Michelle explains in detail about negative audiences as well as reasons why they are crucial.

  • Getting Started with Audience Targeting in PPC by Melissa Mackay

This article offers a little something on all aspects about targeting of audiences. It deals with offers and also selecting audiences.

Top 5 articles PPC audiences from around the web.

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Top Articles 2018 on PPC Audiences ! Target Right PPC Audience
This article offers a little something on all aspects about targeting of audiences. It deals with offers and also selecting audiences. These are the top five articles on PPC audiences from around the web.

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