Online Registration for Freelance Jobs Portal

Online Registration for Freelance Jobs Portal dubai uae boosts user registrations over 150% while the cost per registration comes down over 21% using Google Display Network.

About Nabbesh:

Nabbesh, the Middle East’s only virtual skills marketplace, was founded in 2012 as a solution for the region’s growing unemployment challenges by connecting talented individuals with flexible and virtual work opportunities.



Nabbesh wanted to boost new freelancer registrations. Nabbesh is a platform that helps them promote and market their skills, showcase their portfolios, and find work opportunities, while building strong reputations and earning money for their work securely online. Nabbesh provides them with a choice to work on any project they like, anytime and from anywhere.


  • Generate more user registrations online
  • Expand online reach to female audience


Challenge: was a new concept launched in the Middle East in 2012. Nabbesh needed a way to reach out to freelance job seekers in the most cost effective manner. At the same time, gain quick registrations.


Strategy & Approach:

Started with Search Advertising, but soon the clicks got expensive and limited. Looking to attract more talents to register we switched over to Google Display network and never looked back. This strategy enabled us place ads on relevant job related websites and improve performance without exceeding the budget. We used contextual text based ads over image ads to get profitable clicks and low cost user registrations. Testing multiple website placements and keyword researches helped the cost low while still increasing conversion rates. We tested multiple landing page copies in order to find the right mix to boost conversions. Brand Campaign also helped Nabbesh get more low cost quality registrations across multiple devices and targeting methods.

Key Tools Used:

  • Google Display Network
  • Google Analytics Goals
  • Display Campaign Optimizer
  • Keyword based Contextual Targeting
  • Topics & Interest based site targeting
  • Remarketing to site visitors

Online Registration for Freelance Jobs Portal dubai uae

Above graph shows blue line – how conversions went up. Orange line – how cost per registrations went down

Online Registration for Freelance Jobs Portal


By combing different strategies and tactics, were able to achieve the below results

  • Helped achieve over 10,000 freelancer registration in past 10 months
  • Nabbesh ads were shown to over 35 million people from the Middle East. That’s over 3.5 million views per month. This translated à more traffic to Nabbesh website & increased brand awareness.
  • Cost per registrations went down to more than 30% per registration in last 10 months


Loulou Khazen Baz, founder of says:

“Leads Dubai has helped us boost new freelancer registrations from the PPC Campaigns.”



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How Nabbesh Increased its online registration from Digital Marketing
Goals: Generate more user registrations online Expand online reach to female audience. Online Registration for Freelance Jobs Portal.Contact +97150 3047470

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