New Announcements from Google Summit May 24th

Google Summit - 1

New Announcements from Google Summit

Top advertisers & analytics experts from all over the world were gathered at the event. This event was all about mobile. How mobile is not and evolutionary but a revolutionary change and the possibilities it enables. Google is building its products for mobile. Our phone is now the first thing we pick up in the morning and last thing we use before sleep. Mobile first world is now the new Adwords focus.

“The shift to mobile has already happened! its a mobile first world”

Shridhar Ramaswamy keynote important points:

  • Life is lived in moments & there are many moments in life that matters
  • These are the i-want-to-know / go / do / buy micro moments.
  • These moments presents brands great opportunity to connect these users
  • Trillions of searches happening globally every year
  • More than 50% traffic now comes from smartphones
  • So it’s about how to invest in mobile.
  • Examples of Macy get more instore traffic & toyoya automobile examples
  • Google display network reaches 90% of all internet users on websites & apps
  • Google has deep understanding of consumer intent & context to deliver ads innovations.

Google Summit - 2

Key Announcements in Adwords

  • Ads are now designed for mobile first advertising.
  • Earlier this year the Right Hand Side ads were removed
  • Mobile Text ads will be longer which should help increase clicks
  • Extended description line increased from 70 to 80 characters
  • So nearly 50% more ad text to highlight more information
  • For Google Display Network – provide headline, description, image  & url to google
  • Google will make beautiful ads that fits and web page or apps
  • So now new banner ads creatives will be easy to make
  • We can now set individual bid adjustment for each device type will be available
  • Mobile, desktop & tablets – bid now based on devices that drives performance
  • With this additional control and flexibility one can now optimise for device that matters to advertisers
  • the new adwords is redesigned to help marketers win the moments that matters the most

Jerry Dischler

  • 90% sales happens in store rather than online
  • 30% of searches on mobile is related to locations
  • Location related searches are growing 50% faster
  • Brands put mobile location based ads as center of strategy
  • 3/4 people search on mobile first to buy and then visit stores to buy
  • Today over 1 billion people use google maps
  • 1.5 billion destinations searches done every month
  • Next generation of local search ads are now coming
  • Promotional message on maps is good and unique with reviews and offers
  • Map also shows store hours / address /  directions
  • Promoted pins will also be shown in maps like nearby offers
  • As users navigate to their destination you can promote pins & ads
  • 3/4 people who local search on mobile end up visit the store on same day & 28% purchase instore.
  • Google has store visit metrics that tracks online to offline store visit behaviour
  • New Beacon signals will reveal store location visits data from online user clicks
  • Store visits are measuring the impact from online ads to offline activity
  • Example more car shoppers research online and then visit to buy
  • You can now see which keywords ads drove people to its store to buy
  • Mobile has changed the way people behave online and in store
  • Advertisers can now build local strategy to build hearts minds and dirhams of consumers

Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote Video

Brad Bender

  • The better we understand customers better job we can do as markers
  • With programmatic one can use the power of data and automation to reach right audience
  • It delivers relevant message to right people on website and apps
  • Advertising match data and behaviour signals to show ads more effectively
  • Doubleclick bid manager and Google Display network helps in programmatic buying
  • GDN provides automated bidding, creative optimization & dynamic remarketing
  • In market audience – can show ads to people who are ready to buy
  • Machine learning technology provides intelligence and speed
  • GDN can now reach more users with cross exchange inventory
  • It helps to reach additional website around the world more reach – better quality
  • Applying RLSA remarketing list to extend to people who are not familiar with us
  • Similar audiences for search – reach people who are similar interest to your previous site visitors
  • Demographics for search ads combines search intent with age & gender.
  • so one can adjust bids for age and gender helps target the right audience on search.
  • Now show ads to people who searched for your keywords but didnt visit you site. these new visitors are similar to the users in the remarketing list.
  • It bridges intent and content with technology

Matt Lawson

  • There is more opportunity with mobile to reach more people
  • The adwords platform is now designed for new experience
  • Adwords data will now be on finger tips & great visual designs.
  • Identify opportunities and focus on business
  • it is powerful and more simpler  to accomplish more
  • Simply voice talk the marketing objective and it will tell what option will work better
  • Google docs and google analytics integration will start to work

Google Analytics 360 suite

  • Now available to all premium analytics customers
  • New report builder now built in analytics
  • New Data Studio 360 will be allow to access data, create good report and collaborate.
  • There will be free version of data studio which can help create up to 5 reports
  • Q &A conversational search is a cool new feature
  • In analytics you can now voice ask a question and analytics will show me the analytics data directly
  • analytics data assistant will give you answer in analytics like best selling products

With this new innovative announcements reaching more people through ads and maps will be better. There are some tools to understand journey in multi device world. Click on links to see the new tools

We are excited that going forward we can exclude tablets or desktops completely to optimize clients campaigns and wasted spends. The automatic display ads builder is neat too!

Leads Dubai is a Certified Google Partner & we offer advance adwords campaign consultancy. Contact us to use the latest techniques to find more customers.

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New Announcements from Google Summit May 24th
This event was all about mobile. How mobile is not and evolutionary but a revolutionary change and the possibilities it enables. Google is building its products for mobile. Our phone is now the first thing we pick up in the morning and last thing we use before sleep. Mobile first world is now the new Adwords focus.
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