LinkedIn Sponsored Lead Ads – New Advertising Format

LinkedIn Sponsored Lead AdsLinkedIn Sponsored Lead Ads – New Advertising Format

If you are looking for professional reach out, Linkedin is the go to platform. With over 3 million users in UAE who are on Linkedin, you can find your audience from any function, designation, industry, experience, skills and a lot more. LinkedIn Sponsored Lead Ads is a great way to collect leads from Linkedin Advertising

Until yesterday you could advertise on LinkedIn based on Impressions & clicks with sponsored content ( company page post boost similar to Facebook ). You could run Text ads and now sponsored In mails where you can send email to anyone who has Linkedin profile. These in mail message appears in the recipients Linkedin messages. See how to use Linkedin Advertising methods here

We are particularly excited with the new LinkedIn Lead Ads where you promote your LinkedIn company page sponsored content & set your targeting criteria. When a user sees your sponsored content in their newsfeed, you can collect their data as a lead ads without having to go to landing page or fill out forms. Just like Facebook Lead Ads

The below information can be collected via LinkedIn Lead ads


LinkedIn Sponsored Lead Ads


Drive More Leads

Your native ads will be shown in the world’s professional feed, your content marketing captures the attention of highly engaged people – and drives qualified traffic right to you. Use Lead Gen Forms to seamlessly convert even more users on mobile.

What you can do with LinkedIn Sponsored Content:

  • Get your company’s updates to more people and attract new followers
  • Reach right audience with comprehensive targeting options
  • Get your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Track the number of leads you’re getting from your ads on LinkedIn with conversion tracking
  • Seamlessly generate more leads with pre-filled Lead Gen Forms


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LinkedIn Sponsored Lead Ads - Its New! - Get New Professional Leads
What you can do with LinkedIn Sponsored Lead Ads? Get your company’s updates to more people and attract new followers. Reach right audience & collect leads.

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