How we generate leads


How we do lead generation

The methodology:

We use Google Adwords Advertising & SEO & Social Media Advertising as a main platform to generate qualified leads for our clients. Google Adwords Ads is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC) or search marketing. We have been doing Search Engine Marketing Campaign for our clients since last 6 years. Over the years we have helped our clients generate new leads by doing Digital Marketing.

A lead can be classified as:

  • A Signup, when a user fills up an online registration form.
  • A call action, when a user sees the ad on mobile and calls.
  • A download, when a user is prompted to download brochures.
  • App download where the app acquires new users.
  • A purchase, where in eCommerce portal sells goods online.


So How we generate leads?

On a daily basis, we are generating the above for our clients. With Adwords conversion data for last 90 days we calculate an average number of leads we generate for our clients on a daily basis. On average the daily number of leads is fed into the lead counter. This is monitored weekly and the daily number is changed accordingly. The number of leads has been growing as we adding new clients. One USP of using Leads Dubai for Lead Generation our retention rate is high. This means our clients find value and positive ROI. They stay and we are able to help them achieve goals month after month.

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