How to market your pizza menu and numbers for delivery in Dubai

How to market your pizza menu and numbers for delivery

If your a local business, you need to be on Google Places. This helps locate your area on google maps in the search results.

Case Study: Pizza Delivery in Dubai, UAE

According to a research by Leads Dubai – over 30,000 potential customers are searching for pizza on their mobile in UAE

If you look at below map, when you type pizza in search of website, you notice:

A drop down choice of 4 keywords like pizza express dubai and many others. This means more people are searching for pizza  along with other keywords. Pizza hut is a strong brand and the recall is strong which is why people search for it on Google.

If you see the map on right side, it is a good use of local location, which shows the user how close or far the pizza shop is from his place.

Secret? you can list yourself here for free! all you need is action to do it right now. Imagine how many customers who are searching for pizza or any other product are not finding you right now. The business goes to the competition without you even knowing it!. Think about which business you are in and how you can show up to your customers when he is searching for you.

pizza delivery dubai

Below is the search of pizza in uae for last 12 months for you to research how popular your product is.



Pizza Delivery Dubai

Pizza Delivery Dubai



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