How to Make Mobile Websites.

mobile and standard website comparision

mobile and standard website comparision

Make it easier for customers to engage with you.

Your customers are mobile. Are you?

Consumers are using smartphones more than desktop computers to:

  • Search for your businesses on mobile
  • Call to order directly via mobile.
  • Get directions on mobile
  • Compare prices on mobile
  • Read reviews/product ratings on mobile
  • Make purchases on mobile
  • Share your business through social networks

If your website is slow to load and difficult to navigate on a small mobile screens, visitors will quickly leave. You will  lose potential conversions of new customers.

Mobile Usage Facts:

  • 50% of mobile searches become purchases
  • By 2016, the effect of smartphones on in-stores sales will increase to $689 billion
  • 40% of consumers go to a competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience
  • A 100 millisec delay in the mobile site load time will lower your conversion rate 1%.


Leads Dubai Mobile Website Solution:

We create highly functioning custom mobile websites that perform across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones. We stay on top of ever changing mobile technologies and search engine standards to make sure your mobile website is future proof.

We deliver the fastest, most complete mobile experience your business can offer consumers.

  • One URL reaches all of your consumers on any device faster with one URL. The result is optimized Mobile SEO. emails and easy social media sharing.
  • One Step Updates syncs your desktop website to your mobile website. Changes made to your desktop site will be instantly reflected on your mobile site. No additional maintenance required.  
  • One File reduces unnecessary code and so your mobile website loads quickly
  • One Brand ensures consistency between your mobile and desktop websites branding.
  • Performance Optimizations Image Optimization which optimizes images for all screen sizes and resolutions reducing load time and bandwidth cost. JavaScript/CSS Optimization reduces load time by never downloading JavaScript or CSS that is unused when accessed from a mobile device.
  • The Power of One plus Performance Optimizations Your business will see dramatic improvements in mobile revenue, engagement, conversion rates and S.E.O, as well as a reduction in bandwidth and maintenance costs.

Mobile Website Features:

  • Mobile Click-to-Call Buttons
  • GPS Maps & Directions on Mobiles
  • Mobile e-Commerce
  • Social Media Management on Mobile
  • YouTube integration
  • Calendars on Mobile
  • Custom Mobile Forms
  • Image Galleries
  • Mobile Reservations & Booking

Leads Dubai is a Mobile Website Company

  • Contact us. to get a free consultation to build your mobile website online.
  • We build you an affordable custom mobile website that drives business.  and It is fully compliant with Google’s S.E.O best practices.