How to find more buyers for your yachts online

buy yacht online

 Did you know a lot of people are searching for Yachts online?

Consumers today do their online research before buying any products or services. Its the power of information which puts the command back to the customers. This research shows how many people research online before making a decision to buy.

We at Leads Dubai have done some research to analyse online demand for yacht. We have taken help of google trends data ( which is mostly accurate) to find out what kind of people are looking to buy a yacht? where they come from? what are they searching and what is most popular yacht. We took last 6 years data to analyse people who are interested in / searching for boats on google search. This period is from 2008 – 2014.

For above chart, we have compared similar keywords like yacht, boats, ship to find out what is more popular in google search. You can assume that popularity is proportional to the demand of that product. There is a consistent upward curve in months of july – august of every year.) Please hover your mouse on the graph to see the scores). This means more people search during this period and you should advertise heavily during peak seasons of June – September seasons if your in the yacht industry. In below chart, we look at the top regions and top cities who are searching for yachts. British Virgin Islands & Miami top the global list of people who are searching for the boats. This explains which cities in the world you should focus your marketing activities in.    

Next we look at what are the search queries these users are typing to find out whatever they are looking for. Yacht, Yacht week and some russian terms which explains Russians are searching more for yacht.

We took the below data from google keyword planner tool. This tool tells us how to structure your online marketing campaign in order to focus the right user at the right place at the right time. These are important keywords which is relevant to yacht industry.

How much is the demand of yacht sales all over the world? Click here to see the image.

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The above analysis is an individual report gathered from whats available online. We have put the pieces together. The data is verifiable from google trends website.

This post was about How to find more buyers for your yachts online. Was the above information useful? What kind of research you would like to have? Please write back.