How to do Lead Generation on Landing Pages

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how to do lead generation on landing pagesHow to do Lead Generation on Landing Pages

  • Did you know that if you have lesser fields in contact form you get more leads?
  • Did you know that quality of lead decreases if you have less fields in contact form?
  • How do you maintain quality and number of leads generated on a contact form?
  • Click the image above to see a case study about how others benefited
  • This info graphic about lead generation is taken from singlehop tells you exactly how to find that balance of what to include in a contact form on your landing page

Also how to build trust on your page so a user can give you their information. Privacy policy, testimonials what others say about you goes a long way in helping increase your conversion rates.

I refer you 1 more tool which we use called unbounce for landing page creation. they have some useful user tested landing page designs which you can implement and see more lead generation or other forms of conversions

Finally have a good thank you page so a user knows his form has been submitted and its the best way to engage the customer with some other pages of your site.

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