How to Design the Perfect landing page form for lead generation

How to Design the Perfect landing page Form

How to Design the Perfect landing page form for lead generation tips

So your planning to structure your landing page to get more customer leads?

Landing pages are pages where a new visitor first comes on your site from search engines. It can be different than a home page.

If your landing page has a responsive design you can get most conversion activities on this page. Some of the conversion activities are Ecommerce checkouts, lead generation, contacts, newsletter subscriptions, downloads and more.

One of the most important element on your landing page is the form. It makes it easier for customer to leave their contact details in case they want to be called back.

Before submitting a new form on landing page ask yourself – do i need this info? Learn how to increase your conversion rates by creating the perfect form.

Below are 13 tips to help you make better landing page template and forms to get new customers.

  • Get more leads by asking less questions
  • Add social proof like how many people already get this newsletter, or signed up.
  • Add testimonials on your landing page to show what happy customers are saying. Increases trusts
  • Calculate what is the minimum amount of data needed.
  • If value of what your giving is higher you get get more info. if the value is less than get less info.
  • Remove optional questions you do not need else your conversion rates go down.
  • Never ask in a form how you heard about us. we have analytics to take care of it.
  • Never ask for complicated questions and make it difficult for the user to reach you
  • For multiple questions have a multi page forms to get additional info on page 2
  • Do not let developers write content, because they write wrong error messages which is confusing to a user
  • Do not use capchas so it slows the process of registration. There are ways to avoid spam or get more conversion
  • Set expectations – do not use submit buttons – tell them what they get after entering data, get quote, start trial begin etc.
  • Perceived value is more important than actual value.

I hope you found the above tips useful. Check out the video which talks about this in details.

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This post was about how to Design the Perfect landing page form for lead generation.

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