How is Google Analytics Data different from Google Adwords Data

There are some cases when your AdWords data may disagree with your imported Google Analytics data. Here are some of the most common reasons:


How is Google Analytics Data different from Google Adwords Data

How is Google Analytics Data different from Google Adwords Data

  • Google AdWords tracks clicks, whereas Google Analytics tracks visits. There are several reasons that these metrics may differ:
    • A visitor may click your ad multiple times. When one person clicks on one advertisement multiple times in the same session, AdWords records multiple clicks while Analytics recognizes the separate pageviews as one visit.
    • A person may click on an ad, and then later, during a different session, return directly to the site through a bookmark or saved link. This situation would register as one click in AdWords, but multiple visits in Analytics.
    • A visitor may click on your ad, but then change her mind and prevent the page from fully loading by clicking to another page or by pressing the browser’s Stop or Back buttons. In this case, Analytics won’t register a visit, but AdWords still counts this as a click.
  • To ensure more accurate billing, Google AdWords automatically filters invalid clicks from your reports. However, Analytics reports these clicks as visits to your website in order to show the complete set of traffic data.
  • Comparing long date ranges may include periods during which your accounts were not linked.

This article was taken from this google adwords and google analytics article.

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