Google Search Keyword Match Types

google search keyword match types

Google Search Keyword Match Types

Keywords on Google is tricky business and millions are lost from advertisers eveyr month. Picture this example to understand why in experienced advertisers blow up their PPC budget and dont get any results from adwords.

Example: –

Suppose you are an App Developer & you run your adwords campaign with keyword like App Developers in Dubai – (This is broad match keyword – as google treats keywords as default unless you specify them)


You assume that Google will show your ads on top whenever someone types keyword App Developer in Dubai.  


They keywords you bid for are not the actual keywords your ads gets shown for. Instead it is the search queries for what are ads are shown. So Google matches your keywords with most relevant search queries. This relevancy is picked up arithmetically.

So a keyword like app developer in dubai can be shown for system generated relevant keywords like ( read wasted clicks)

  • app games
  • top apps in dubai
  • app tutorials
  • developer jobs
  • top apps in dubai

So you see the variations? if you dont monitor your click spend your wasting click cost right this minute! Fortunately there is a way around it. Negative keywords. Negative keywords avoids showing your ads for those selected keywords when a user types in search. Negative keywords in above examples will be (-tutorials, -jobs ). I usually add lots of negative keywords to avoid wrong clicks and get right clicks.

There is another way to get optimize your keywords list. Broad modifier. Which is add + before any keyword. this means Google will show your ads only when that keyword is in the search queries. so +App +Developers in Dubai can show any ad variations as long as app & developers are in it.

See your search terms report under keywords tab – click details and you will see the actual queries for which your getting clicks. Add relevant ones and make other queries as negatives. Add exact , phrase match types and try to avoid broad match or single word keywords. they are the best money wasters.

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Match type Special symbol Example keyword Ads may show on searches that Example searches
Broad match none women’s hats include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations buy ladies hats
Broad match modifier +keyword +women’s +hats contain the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms), in any order woman’s hats
Phrase match “keyword” “women’s hats” are a phrase, and close variations of that phrase buy women’s hats
Exact match [keyword] [women’s hats] are an exact term and close variations of that exact term women’s hats
Negative match -keyword -women are searches without the term baseball hats


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Google Search Keyword Match Types
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