How to get more open rates in your email marketing strategy


Ever wondered why your emails don;t get opened and no responses?

Lets admit it. In todays time there are so many people emailing and spamming so many people. In this crowd how do you stand out and get your share of voice heard?

What do people first see about your email in their inboxes? Email subjects and preview text which gets shown in inbox

Below are some of the tips which will tell how to get more emails opened in your email marketing strategy

From address:

Have company name and use full character spaces in the “from” email. No personal name. People relate to a familiar brand name

Subject line:

  • It is the biggest factor to increase your open rates.
  • Keep texts under 50 characters – Its easy on eyes and get more opens.
  • Tt has to promise something great and yet be honest
  • Avoid caps !! $ – Save them for the email body texts.
  • Personalize with their names if possible. there are tools which can help you.

    email post2

    email post2

Content preview text:

Preview texts are the texts which appears either below the subject line like outlook or in the same line if your using gmail

  • A good preview text can help increase the open rates.
  • Have personalized email – the name of person at the top
  • make first sentence most important in text
  • Use the full space in the preview text area. reasons for email. it may have 1 – 2 lines
  • Some times in html codes in the email the codes appear. Use text on top instead
  • Test how your preview text appears on the email reader client platform

Basic activators

Understand what things are important to the recipients. not what you want to give them.

One of the great ways to increase the open rates is by testing diff subject lines
Take 10% of target list and send them 2 diff subject lines. Call them A and them B
You will know which headline got more opens.
Use the winning subject line to the remaining emails



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Resource taken from email marketing tips – marketing motive

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