Facebook Ads. Does it really work? 3 Common Mistakes

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Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Congratulations you are already ahead of others who are not trying and not learning. By reading this, you are even more committed. In this post, we will cover some of the common mistakes people make with their facebook ads. We will show you how you dont have to give your hard earned money to facebook.

“Facebook doesnt know what advertising objective you have. So choose wisely”


There was a client who asked that they want to do a page likes campaign. I asked what do you want the page likes for. He said, so more people can see my ad and click to my website to buy. For this kind of client, we suggested to do a straight website traffic objective campaign rather than page likes campaign which was sure to waste money. Go straight to the objective you have and the results will be much better.

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Facebook is a big place with plenty of people on it. If you are trying to sell your products or services to cold audiences without a plan, it is unlikely to work. We have seen many mistakes been done by small business. Lets cover them one by one.


1. Many businesses use boost post instead of link clicks

We all know that organic reach is dying. Facebook is a pay to play platform. Boost post is very easy and people dont understand how that ad is optimized. In the end, they waste money when they dont get results. Boost posts are generally used only for engagement related objectives. Which is not what you want? Even worse is to boost your post to a stranger who will like your page and then never see your ad again!. It is better to run optimize for website traffic objectives. Bottom line is, boost posts are more expensive for link clicks. Optimize for true goal.


2. Split testing is never used

It is important to understand the facebook ad account structure. Try to have 1 campaign with at least 2 adsets, where you can test 2 separate audiences. At the ad level, try to put in different ads to see which one performs. Try to test your demographics targeting first. Reach the right people with right messaging. Always try to run at least 2 – 3 ads per ad set in order to optimize for which one performs better.

facebook advertising structure


Images are very important. They can make or break a campaign. A Test to the readers. Check the images below and comment which image you would click?

facebook advertising


Video Ads are not best to send website traffic. As people watch the videos and forget to click the link to visit the site. So video ads should mainly be for video views as a measure only.


3. Not using the right audience

These are the people who are most likely interested to buy from you. For example the retargeting settings. Another warm audience may be your email list, who can be advertised on facebook by using custom audiences. You can also do a fan only campaign to reach your targeted audience. The new facebook pixel can help you setup to customize your audiences for targeting. Then try to run the cost per conversion campaigns which can help you know which ads are performing.

4. Not checking for facebook reports

Run them and compare the results. Read the right stats based on the objectives to select. Example if there is high CTR, it means your ads are relevant and more people are clicking which means you can get cheaper clicks.

“Dont worry if you have made these mistakes. Life doesnt come with instructions”


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Facebook Ads. Does it really work? 3 Common Mistakes that loose money
"Facebook doesnt know what advertising objective you have. Choose wisely" We cover 3 important mistakes people make which looses them money on facebook ads

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