Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

2016 was the digital-friendly year. Medium and large sized businesses had grown to their best based on the website and active social presence. Seemingly, 2017 is a step ahead than the year 2016. Internet is nerve and social media is the brain of e-marketing and e-commerce, to formulate digital marketing campaign and online strategies, it will be necessary to know about the ever-changing trends of the digital market.

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Why is digital marketing important in 2017?

Whether it is Business to Business marketing, trade marketing, internal or external marketing, adopting digital change could be a profitable investment for the firm.

It is good idea to work upon the business plan of digital marketing. Also, according to the same, the service should be highly customised and personalised. So, if you are planning to hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai, and get positive response from prospects, make sure you to know what you want and explicitly mention it. There are many latest digital marketing trends which can amplify your services.

Trends you should consider for Digital Marketing

  1. Wearables technology is the latest boom

The device has become so smart to wear. It is the easiest way to connect digitally with your audience. It is thinning the  differences between online marketing and real marketing. Way to strategize local marketing has changed due to this on-hand technology. With the wear technology, the real-time marketing has just become possible.

  1. Mobile focused internet marketing

We can access anything and everything on mobile. When we surf on Google through mobile, we find difficulty in reading because it is not optimised for mobile. A marketer should crucially analyse on mobile-focused Internet marketing if one wants to digitise brand. So, mobile search and mobile optimisation should be given top priority.

  1. High-quality content is needed

Content has always been “a king” of the market. Well-crafted digital content will always have an interactive audience. Content marketing and video producing have now entered into cutting edge competitive business. In this era of content marketing, the demand of niche and creative writers is going to touch the sky. Online storytelling will be a vital part of this era.

  1. Search algorithm always matters

Whether we like it or not, a search algorithm is going to change again and again. Due to this change, digital marketing will become volatile and turbulent. If one wants to get success in the business of digital marketing, one should be conscious about (SERPs) search engine result pages. Digital marketing should consider Facebook and Google Plus algorithm along with Google Algorithm. The only way to stay unique from competitors is being original and informative.

  1. Social media presence in mandatory

Choosing right social media presence is a crucial decision for any business. There are many social media channels ruling the web such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Flicker, YouTube, Trepup and more! Considering right platform by analysing right audience is the key role of social media marketer. Social media has the motive of creating conversational channels for websites, products, and services. One can gather a strong base of prospects through social media channels if social media strategical plans are crafted accordingly.

So, these were the top 5 trends, but with these, periodic evaluation of ROI and sales should not be forgotten to check the effectiveness of digital marketing campaign.

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