Digital Marketing for Dubai Property Sector

Digital Marketing Dubai Property

Digital Marketing Dubai Property

Digital Marketing Dubai Property

Cost per click rates on Google is sky high!. Usually around AED 15 – 20 per click. With new changes from google on adwords campaigns it will get more complex. Back we ran Google Adwords campaign. Duration for  Union House Real Estate

Objective: To get leads from High Networth Property Investors interested to buy properties in Dubai.


“7 days of advertising resulted in 10 qualified leads from investors who were looking to buy properties”

This campaign ran in 3 countries, Singapore, Hongkong & Malaysia. We mainly targeted on brand keywords and people were already searching for dubai properties. The timing was right and as per Tarun an executive from Union House Real Estate, 4 out of the 10 qualified leads were at the venue to buy the properties. Valuable lessons has been learnt from this campaign which will be implemented in the next campaign

Leads Dubai is a certified Google Partner. We help you get more leads at a cost effective rate.

Mukesh Pandey is a Digital Marketing Strategist. He is Google Adwords Certified and strongly believes that Internet will enable us to speed up innovation and make life easier for everyone. He also founded Leads Dubai which is a Lead Generation Company in Dubai.

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