Billboard Advertising Options in Dubai – UAE

Billboard Advertising Options

“Many a small thing has been made large by right kind of advertising” – Mark Twain

If your campaign is one of awareness and branding, billboard advertising is a great option. For lot of information to promote then, better avoid billboard and do digital advertising online.

Billboard is a large outdoor advertising space designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians. These have great impactful messages and are placed around high traffic areas. In this digital age outdoor advertising has held its importance. Out-of-home media advertising (also OOH advertising ) reaches the consumers while they are outside.

Billboard advertising can be relatively expensive depending on the size and location. This expense must be weighed against the kind of message you want to get across. It is always better to have direct message with very little content and impactful design.

Below are some of Billboard advertising and outdoor advertising options

With the below options, you can directly target audiences, anytime and anywhere. They are effective to reach on the go audiences

Large Format Advertising

These are large format banner advertising on highways. There are great options available in Dubai, Abu dhabi and outer roads in UAE which can help you reach your audience.

The Great Wall – Hoarding

These are also large format outdoor advertising situated to capture attention.

Point of Purchase – Mall Advertising

Engage with malls’ visitors which means high volume traffic and attention. there are multiple mall advertising options avaialable


They have different panel sizes and can be advertised minimum for 2 weeks which guarantees Brands Desired Exposure. Megacoms are located all over Dubai and are ideal in attracting fast and slow-moving motorists’ attention

Outdoor Mupis, Roadside Mupis, Mupis on Point of Purchase –

Mupis are located in high-traffic and densely populated pedestrian and commercial and residential areas across the UAE. They are a perfect place to promote your brand. These Mupis are effective in the most popular shopping malls’ parking lots

LED Unipoles

They are multiple Unipoles on Sheikh Zayed Road and other locations – Go Premium And Stand Out!

Static Unipoles

The static Unipoles (double-sided and backlit) are uniquely placed on highway roads. One of the most important and busy routes in Dubai that connect commuters to all parts of the emirates. Guaranteeing Brands Desired Exposure


Lamp columns are sited everywhere, allowing advertisers and events to use banners to target precise geographical locations and create massive promotional awareness. You can take up the whole stretch where tens of thousands of commuters pass by minimum once a day.  Light Up Your Brand!


Placed in high-traffic areas and on internal roads in the densely populated residential locality. Hoist Your Brand Up High!

Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising allows advertisers to highlight their products, whether brand awareness, or a targeted message, directly to areas where people work, shop, and play. There are multiple Metro Taxi Advertising Stickers which  can be Full Wrap and 4 Doors.

If you are planning to do the outdoor advertising, make sure to have the booking done 2 weeks prior which is the minimum number of days. Art works are normally needed 2 weeks before the start of campaign. Artwork designs are subject to municipality approval.


There are many billboard advertising advantages. Talk to us about outdoor media rates.

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10 Billboard Advertising Options in Dubai - UAE. Check Outdoor Rates
If your campaign is one of awareness and branding billboard advertising is a great option.Check out 10 different types of outdoor advertising rates in Dubai

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